Wide range of inset sinks in different shapes & sizes.


Contemporary styles including single, double and triple bowl sinks.


Bespoke stone sinks. Many styles, sizes and colours available.


Inova Stone will supply a sink worktop at your request saving you hustle of long journey to sink store. However, the design is your choice let us know the sink type or send us picture of your desired sink selection and we will take it from there.
It is important to have sink selected before cutting process starts.


Most popular sink used for stone worktops are:

1. Sit on sink (Inset)
2. Under-mounted sinks
3. Butler sinks (Belfast)
4. Complete work surface sinks (Roll tops)

Inset sinks are inserted into the customised cut on top of the worktop; they sit over the edges on square hole. Therefore, the edges don’t need to be polished which makes the cut cheaper. Also, the drainers can go on top any kitchen appliances. Limitation in this type of sink comes from the original design of the sink itself, means that you could have on one largish single bowl. Due to stone hard nature the inset sink would be the perfect joint place as the joint will be covered by the sink and there is no fear from “Blowing” unlike wood or laminated worktops.

Under-mounted sinks looks neat and modern as the solid worktop have a straight surface and the only appliances goes on top are the tap, filter or push button. The sink itself sits underneath the worktop and the sink edges are rounded and polished gives a nice smooth shape for the sink area.

Belfast and butler style sinks also like under-mounted sink the edge of the worktop need to be polished and shaped. The advantages in this case are that you will have huge sink and large selection from steel, ceramic or custom design. We can design a worktop sink that is from the same material of the worktop itself. Another pros save the granite cost by cutting down the size of the worktop.

Complete worktop sink and roll top sinks went out of fashion for many years but have made a huge comeback in recent years , particularly in contemporary kitchens. They are hugely practical and make a massive statement.

At Inova Stone  we do make sure that the integrated sink unit is mounted flush with the worktop so that the edge of the integrated sink forms a whole with the worktop. The worktop and the edge of the sink unit fit together seamlessly, which makes the worktop easy to clean. The top of the sink unit lies flush with the top of the worktop and has the advantage of being both hygienic and sleek.



We design bespoke kitchens finished to the highest standards to meet your design style & needs.



We offer a wide range of contemporary kitchens perfect designed and crafted in the UK



We create made to measure classic kitchens with a huge choice of great designs and innovative appliances.

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Custom-made & luxury shaker kitchens available in a variety of designs and finishes.

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